About Us

About Us

Gen-X Travel Club specializes in non-touristy, responsible, small group trips for travelers in their 30s, 40s, 50s and early 60s to destinations all over the world!

Below are the features of our exclusive, super cool Gen X trips. If they resonate with you, then you're at the right place to book your future vacations!


Non touristy

Non-touristy meaning that we don’t just offer the usual, unimaginative trips where you and a bunch of other travel companions head off to quickly check-off and hit up the same, standard heavily visited tourist attractions, restaurants and routes as everyone else. We are all about high-quality trips with thoughtful itineraries to intriguing destinations, as opposed to the cheapest vacations to the same old touristy spots following a generic tour program.

We travel to cool, interesting destinations inside and outside of the U.S. There are a lot of hidden gems out there that travelers don’t get the opportunity to experience because they aren’t typically offered on the standard buffet of touristy travel destinations or travelers simply don’t know about them. We take the time to find these cool places with lots of character and share it with you. And, even if we visit a well-traveled destination, we thoughtfully select a mix of truly important sights and less traveled, local places and activities.

On trips with many other travel companies, you can end up feeling like a a self contained tourist being herded around in a general, ordinary fashion on typical cookie-cutter tours flying through experiences & snapping photos just to say you were there. No standard, oridinary vacations here. Our custom trips are designed just for us!

On a Gen X Travel Club trip, you’re treated to personal, exclusive experiences exploring with locals and experiencing the best of that destination. You feel as though you’re on a trip visiting a friend in another country who is showing you around — pointing out the most relevant historical sights and interesting attractions, taking you to their favorite restaurants, sharing with you local, special experiences, and introducing you to other friendly residents. You really get to know and learn about the destination you’re visiting including its people, culture and attractions.


Responsible travel


We are highly dedicated to traveling responsibly. We do this by supporting local businesses and being respectful of their communities including culture and people. We travel in a small posse staying at independently-operated accommodations, eating at locally-owned restaurants, and using local guides and transportation services. With this approach, the local community benefits from tourism jobs and the money we spend goes directly into the communities we visit. In many instances, tourists end up traveling in big groups with high impact to the community and using the big, international chain hotels and restaurants resulting in most of their money not staying locally. In addition to patronizing locally-owned businesses, we strive to support those local businesses who follow eco-friendly practices. The bottom line is that we care about the communities we visit and work hard to keep a low impact.

Even though striving to adhere to responsible travel increases the time, effort and complexity in designing our trips, as conscientious world explorers, we whole-heartedly believe in the principle of traveling responsibly. Gen X Travel Club is a proud member of Sustainable Travel International, a globally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to environmental conservation education and outreach services for travelers and travel providers.


Small groups

small travel groups

We travel in small groups - each trip is limited to 10-15 people. No big buses or nightmare logistics that would negatively impact the communities we are visiting or your experience. However, this size still offers the benefit of offering high-quality trips that will cost less than if you were traveling on your own. In a small group, we get to do and experience many things such as traveling off the beaten track, having more local sightseeing options, and the ability to be more spontaneous and flexible as we go along.

And we see places that perhaps as an independent traveler, you wouldn’t and couldn’t visit because you simply may not know about it or have access. Plus our groups are the perfect size to mix, mingle and make new friendships!


Gen-X travelers


Short for Generation X, we use a very broad definition of Gen X! We simply want to bring together travel-minded folks in the same general age. So don't worry if you're teetering on the edges of Gen X as an old soul or a young spirit bored with your peers. For us, Gen X is an age bracket, but also a state of mind!

Our travelers are in their early 30’s to early 60’s. Both singles and couples. Both empty nesters or have never had kids. They want to get out and see the world while making lasting friendships along the way. We often end up laughing our way through trips while making meaningful connections to the people and places we are visiting. We prefer being active! We love walking/hiking, kayaking /paddle boarding our way around destinations. We are respectful to each other and to the communities we visit! Our overall goal is to bring together like-minded folks in the same general age bracket who have a similar adventurous mindset, fun-loving/kind spirit, and high-quality travel philosophy.