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Unique/Non-touristy trips are us!

What makes us different from other travel and tourism companies?

We are all about non-touristy travel and are dedicated to offering unique trips rather than the usual, typical vacations that repeat the same itineraries on the well-worn travel circuit. We thoughtfully design off the beaten path trips that include distinctive destinations, imaginative itineraries, authentic experiences, and interesting activities & sights. The result: deeper, richer experiences and a fun & unforgettable trip. This is simply a better vacation.

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There are a lot of hidden gems out there that travelers don’t get the opportunity to experience because they aren’t typically offered on the standard buffet of travel destinations or travelers simply don’t know about them. We take the time to find these cool places with lots of character and share it with you. We thoughtfully plan each trip focusing on the little things that make all the difference in achieving an outstanding, uncommon experience.

We encourage travelers to slow down, explore and take in the experiences when traveling. Travel is vacation, but it also should be education. On our unique trips you’ll really get to know and learn about the destination you’re visiting including its people, culture and attractions.

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And all the while, our focus is you. We sincerely care about you and your travel experience. We are focused not only on good customer service, but remarkable service striving to provide attentive, personal attention that we would want ourselves.

We want to share our love and excitement of world travel and off the beaten path trips with you. Our travel style ensures you have an unforgettable experience full of smiles and laughs.

Should you travel with us?

Not Necessary. It’s not necessary to travel with us if you are just looking for a traditional vacation to get away and you aren’t really concerned with the details beyond dates and pricing that work for you. There are many travel tourism companies who offer these types of standard trips.

Yes, Definitely. If you are more of a picky, more discerning traveler who longs for high-quality yet affordable trips with thoughtful itineraries to cool, interesting places with lots to learn and experience to feed your worldly curiosity, then Gen X Travel Club trips are definitely for you.

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In a Nutshell

Traveling with Gen X Travel means that you’ll:

  • Travel to cool, distinctive hidden gems with lots of character (as opposed to the standard touristy spots on the mass tourism circuit)
  • Enjoy high-quality vacations and personal, local experiences (rather than the cheapest & most action packed trip to check off as much stuff as fast as possible)
  • Feel as though you are visiting a friend with a personal, exclusive vibe (not being on a cookie-cutter tour being herded around in a general, ordinary fashion)

Take one trip with us and you’ll truly understand that we are not like the other standard tour travel companies.  There are plenty of choices for standard travel tour packages to the numerous on-the-beaten-path vacation spots around the world. But if you are looking for non-touristy vacations and off the beaten path travel, then book a trip with us!